Sense (RTLS)


Sense (RTLS)

Provides precise location and current status of tagged assets or personnel

Sense (RTLS)

Bartech Data Sytems Pvt. Ltd. is an organization providing complete Barcode, RFID and IOT based Traceability Solutions in India, since 1996. To We first identify the suitable technology serve the Tracking purpose, and thereafter introduce a detailed Product Development Life-Cycle. Here we define complete solution architecture, with Software, Hardware, Consumables, ensuring that entire solution remains under one roof.


A Point to Multi-Point Networking Protocol.


SENSE BLE is built on the foundation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is a power efficient version of Bluetooth


A Powerful & Intelligent Location based System Engine, for high accuracy Real-Time Positioning Data


The Global Positioning System used in SENSE for providing Real-Time Navigation details with location & Time synchronization.

Intelligent Tracking & Monitoring Devices

Add Intelligence to Tags & incorporating lot sensors at appropriate points. SENSE helps you achieve a hierarchical framework to wirelessly communicate individual identity and status in real time.

High Productivity

  • Seamless Tracking with Real Time Accurate Positioning Data, for almost any of your Business Asset.
  • No legacy system dependencies.
  • SENSE adds Intelligence & Agility to entire Supply-Chain, Work-In-Process, Fleet Tracking, etc. boosting overall productivity.

Greater Efficiency

  • Highest Read Range,
  • Fit-For-Purpose: Designed for Easy Application on any asset.
  • Highly Precise Proximity Sensing
  • Ease of Scalability for achieving Greater Efficiency.

Reducing Costs

  • Minimizes material losses significantly
  • Real Time Process & Inventory visibility
  • ERP integrated Real Time Quality Management
  • Increase in Plant OEE
  • Reduction in MTTR
  • Increase in Warehouse Utilization
  • Reduced downtime of assets/production lines with improved notification systems.

Solutions For All Industries

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Material Flow
  • Asset Management
  • Parts Replenishment
  • Worker Accountability
  • Yard Management
  • Container Tracking
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Files Tracking
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A Leading Multinational Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Company

We had a major problem of product mixup and wrong products going to customers, Bartech team worked with us right from understanding our concerns and pain areas, Bartech team conceptualized, designed...

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Case Study

Leading Indian Fertilizers Manufacturer

We wanted to implement material traceability in our entire Supply Chain right from production to warehousing and Depots level along with integration with SAP, We had a very short period for the project to be up and running as we had Government Mandate to have traceability in our entire Supply chain, Looking at the tight time lines Bartech worked very hard to finish the turnkey project in record time and meeting dead lines well in advance, I would like to thank each member of the team...

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