Electric Vehicle Labels

Solutions specially engineered for electric vehicle batteries.

We’ve leveraged our decades of serving the automotive market to develop products that help you meet the unique requirements of electric vehicle battery systems.


We engineer and test our materials to withstand actual operating conditions so they stand up to exposure to harsh heat, chemicals, and more.


With flame retardance, high insulating capabilities, and more, our solutions are designed to meet UL standards and government regulations and help keep drivers and passengers safe.


If it won’t stick—and keep sticking— what’s the point? Our adhesives and label materials are rigorously tested in real-life situations, ensuring they’ll adhere for the long term while conveying critical information across the life of the battery.


We’re increasingly designing our adhesives, facestocks, and radio-frequency identification technologies to be recyclable, employ recycled materials, and use resources more efficiently. We can help you meet regulations and your own sustainability goals.

Our expertise:

  • Adhesive formulation
  • Functional coating
  • Metalization
  • Surface treatment
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Roll-to-roll formation

Our expertise:

  • Single-coated and double-coated transfer label, film, tape constructions with a variety of liner options for optimized release and processing
  • Acrylic, silicone and rubber-based adhesives featuring resistance to shear, tack, and other environmental factors
  • Functional additives for specific application needs, such as pigments for quality control and dielectric films for electrical insulation
  • Flame-retardant adhesives for enhanced fire safety
  • Intelligent labels for tracking and tracing

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