Tyre Labels

Vulcanized tire labels are a type of bead barcode label that are applied to the bead of a tire prior to vulcanization. The label withstands the vulcanization process and remains attached to the tire. Tire specific details such as date of manufacture, safety and performance ratings, etc. can be tracked using the barcode.

What does tyre labelling mean in the real world?

Tyre labels can tell you a lot. Fuel economy is the measurement likely to mean most as choosing well can save you money. Tyre manufacture Goodyear state: “The difference between an A rating and a G rating could mean a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 7.5%. To put this in real terms, choosing A-rated tyres instead of G-rated tyres could save you more than 6 litres of fuel every 1,000 kilometres.” Although they do qualify this claim by saying that actual fuel and cost savings may vary depending, among other things, on tyre pressure, vehicle weight and driving style.

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