Powerful Intelligent Future Ready

Material Inventory Real-Time Tracking

  • Suitable for entire Manufacturing Industry
  • 5+ year battery life, sturdy and compact build
  • Fit-To-Purpose Tags, able to get mounted onto any RM/SFG/FG, Pallets or License Plates/Dispatch notes.
  • Real-Time Operations & Material Movement Visibility. Number of items in process, order search, auto-start of subsequent process
  • TRACK TRACK TRACK End-to-End Traceability of each item, right from RM to Semi-Finished till FG
  • Intelligent Dashboard Login, Date & Time Stamps for all processes, material movement from one area to another with validations, enter/exit logs.

Inventory & Assets Management

  • Tags attached to all Material / Files (RM, SFG, FG, Files) Tags detached before shipping/dispatch
  • Very Long Reach Upto 4 KMs in urban areas & upto 15 KMs in open field
  • Enhance GPS Accuracy with Minimal Infrastructure
  • Long battery life for 5+ years
  • Enhanced material visibility, lower inventory costs increased material availability, shorter operational cycle, lead time reduction
  • Major Applications Increase material traceability & productivity in all industries

FLEET Tracking

SENSE tags with Intelligent sensors

  • Tags & Sensors mounted on entire Fleet These can be AGV, Forklifts, Trucks, Cars, etc.
  • 5+ year battery life, sturdy and compact build
  • Shock-Proof Tags, with rotation sensors
  • Analytics: GUI based reports, OEE parameters, MTBR & MTBF statistics, vehicle loaded/unloaded journeys, vehicle/area occupancy rate.
  • Real-Time Vision Vehicles in motion with real-time traceability data, pulled from & pushed into Warehouse Management System
  • Intelligent Dashboard Selective Vehicle/AGV Records, Real-Time data with unprecedented accuracy movement from

Personnel Tracking & Safety

  • Tags/Sensors attached/wore by Personnel
  • Wearable device comes in 3 variants Lanyard, Belt Clip & Watch Strap.
  • Programmable for Contact Tracing, Quarantine Specific with enforcing social distancing rule
  • Merging an Advanced compact Footprint with accelerometer & temperature sensor with audible alert buzzer
  • Real-Time Vision Personnel in motion with real-time traceability data, pulled from & pushed into Sense Dashboard
  • Major Applications Construction Yards, Warehouse facilities, Hospitals, Ports & Mines, Sports, etc.
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