# 10 Misconceptions about Barcode technology

  • Barcodes can accommodate only Alphanumeric Characters

Ans : There are different barcode symbologies, different symbology has unique characteristics, some can accommodate only numbers, some can accommodate Alpha and numeric characters, but there are some barcode symbologies which can accommodate special characters besides alpha numeric like ?, #. *, <, +, $ etc….

  • Printed barcode images can be stretched and still be valid and read.

Ans : All barcodes carry print aspect ratio, which has to be maintained, so if you stretch a barcode beyond the aspect ratio then it may not be valid or scannable.

  • All barcodes are free to use

Ans : Most of the barcode symbologies are free to use, but some of the barcode symbologies require registration and you have to pay to use the barcode symbologies like EAN symbology.

  • All 1D barcode scanners can read 2 D barcode symbologies.

Ans : All barcode scanners may not read 1D or 2D barcode symbologies, but all 2D barcode scanners can read 1D barcodes.

  • Barcodes can be only in black and white.

Ans : Besides black and white barcodes can be in different colours like blue, red, brown green etc… dark colours are preferable for good reading. Light colours like yellow or green etc.. can have reading problems.

  • Data cannot be manipulated while reading the by scanner.

Ans : Most of the scanners have ADF (Advanced Data Formatting) option by which you can manipulate the data being read. For example if you want to insert special characters before or after or in between  the data can be done by the ADF feature. Even you can strip down the

Data being read for example you can eliminate the characters and only get the required characters with ADF format.

  • Barcodes carry all the information about the product.

Ans : Barcodes carry only the key information about the product like product ID, serial no, the rest of the information is in the software database.

  • RFID technology will replace barcodes.

Ans : RFID cannot completely replace barcodes, in fact both the technologies have their pros and cons. Application wise the usability of the technology has to be decided, the costing factors is also a major reason RFID cannot replace barcodes completely. In fact in some cases both the technologies are used to complement each other as per the applications.

  • 1D barcodes can be read or scanned even if 1 line is cut or not printed properly.

Ans : In 1D barcodes every line matters, so if any one line is cut or not printed properly then the barcodes might not be read correctly. Which may not be the case with 2D barcodes, in 2D barcodes if the printing is not proper then still till a certain level the scanner has the ability to reconstruct the barcode and read the data.

  1. The print quality of barcode labels depends only on the barcode printer.

Ans: The print quality not only depends on the printer but also the quality of the Labels and the Ribbons used.

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