Bartech's Barcoding and/or RFID based Warehouse Management Solution, acts effectively to make your Warehouse activities,simple, easy & yet precise, making day to day operations more structured than before. WMS encompasses most important modules like Material Inwards, Put-away guidance and Pick-up with validations, Dispatches and Truck Loading, Stock taking, etc. and can be further customized as required.Let's have a look at some of the outstanding features of Bartech's WMS:

1) Quick ROI : Reduced errors' cost and elimination of time consuming manual activities, along with increased productivity and customer satisfaction, helps in achieving Quick Return On Investment.

2) Flexible : As per the target requirement, we suggest the supporting technology - either Barcodes / RFID / WIFI / Bluetooth, etc. Also, the solution is customized to incorporate changes as per company specific needs and work structure.

3) Dynamic : Whatever may be your ERP, but error scope generates when one has to make entries separately in the ERP. While Bartech's WMS offers tight integration with any of the leading ERPs like - SAP, ORACLE, JD EDWARDS, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

4) Better Performance : As Bartech's WMS itself monitors and guides the users, it helps in avoiding any mistakes and very soon, the users adapt to this new change. Hence, performance increment is definite.

5) LIVE & Back Tracking : All authorized personnel get LIVE activity update and hence able to keep a monitoring the tasks are actually done itself. Also, one can back track complete history of any item/location/personnel, whenever required under Comprehensive Reports.

Bartech's Warehouse Management is an End to end solution offered under one roof - Consultancy, Software, Hardware, Consumables & Installation + User Training.