SOLAR Panel Labels

We have Specialized Labels developed to perform under Extreme Environments, to which Solar Panel Labels remain exposed to. These provide excellent protection from extreme weather conditions, including high temperatures, moisture, sand and other debris. Solar Labels are made up of latest technology and backed by proven results due to Remarkable Moisture Protection & Heat Resistance. We are already providing such specialized labels to many Solar Panel Companies and are successful in gaining 100% Customer Satisfaction.

EVER - SHIELD Permanent Labels

Need some Strong and Rugged Label Solution for Extra-Ordinary Situations and Demanding Conditions - Then go For Ever-Shield Labels. Unique design and Laminated Labels, able to get printed via any Normal Thermal Tranfer Printer as well, are able to perform under any condtions. Also are customizable and come with Pre-Printed Option. These are Highly resistant to Heat, Solvents, Chemicals & Water. Also the adhesion is strong enough for Life Long Print and Label Durability. Mainly suitable for industries involved in Paint Shops, Automobiles, Consumer Durables, Captial Goods, Manufacturing, etc.

Tamper Evident Labels

Such labels are very useful where tampering is to be detected or the warranty of the product becomes void if tampered with. There are many types of Tamper Evident labels which can be suggested as per the requirement. When somebody tries to remove the " Warranty Void " Label on the product, the label gets destroyed in small pieces and some of the pieces remain on the product OR ELSE some print remains on the item surface saying 'VOID' which in turn indicates that the product is tampered with. We study the Process and suggest proper label for Specific applications.

Labels for All Industries

We provide Customizable, Blank + Pre-Printed & Exclusive Labeling Solution for all the Industries like Electronics, Solar, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, Robotics, Food, etc. These labels are exclusively designed and prepared as per the target environment and challenges suggested by the Customer. Bartech has a Specialized Label Solution for any Industrial Challenge as we first collect complete details regarding the types of challenges and accordingly suggest the possible label solution.

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