70 Series RFID Computers:

1) Fully integrated UHF RFID reader with no visible external antenna. 2) Advanced RFID read performance in the industry's most compact, ultra-rugged design. 3) Full compatibility with printers, application software, communications, peripherals, and accessories, thus integrating and enabling a comprehensive enterprise business solution. 4) Exceptional battery life to eliminate downtime. 5) Advanced imaging technology for remarkable scanning snappiness, tolerance to motion, and low light. 6) Choice of three ergonomic designs, one common platform.

FlexDock Docking Station:

1) Modular and extensible design: Field-replaceable cups allow for field configuration or reconfiguration of the FlexDock base to match changing needs. 2) Future-proof design protects investments in docking-system: Computer-technology refreshes only require exchange of computer and battery cups; existing docking-system infrastructure can be reused with new computer generations. 3) Designed for large-scale deployments: Small footprint allows for high density docking solutions, leveraging standard 19-inch IT racking solutions.

CV61 Vehicle Mount Computer:

1) Choice of Windows 7 Professional or Windows XP Professional operating system. 2) Expandable up to 3GB RAM to support IT security, antivirus, Windows upgrades and future software needs. 3) Rugged construction, IP66 sealing, and 12.1 XGA outdoor readable display. 4) Extreme temperature option with touch defroster/heater enables reliable operations to -30 deg.C (-22 deg.F). 5) Tight integration with Intermec scanners/imagers, voice, printers, RFID, device management, client software, and Medallion services and support provide the most comprehensive solution for the warehouse.

CN50 Mobile Computer:

1) The industrys most advanced rugged mobile computer. 2) 3.75G wireless WAN technology supports both voice and high-speed uplink. 3) Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) option enables users to capture high quality document cpimages. 4) Integrated cell phone provides high quality voice communications eliminating the need to carry a separate device. 5) High performance communication and computing in a small and lightweight ruggedized design that is optimized for highly mobile field workers. 6) Standard 256MB RAM and 512MB Flash Memory allows you to run multiple simultanous applications > fast.