Case Studies

1) A Leading Multinational Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Company :
"We had a major problem of product mixup and wrong products going to customers, Bartech team worked with us right from understanding our concerns and pain areas, Bartech team conceptualized, designed, developed and implemented turnkey solution in a timely manner, Bartech integrated the solution with our SAP, Its running successfully since last few years, there is not a single complaint from the market"

2) Leading Indian Fertilizers Manufacturer :
"We wanted to implement material traceability in our entire Supply Chain right from production to warehousing and Depots level along with integration with SAP, We had a very short period for the project to be up and running as we had Government Mandate to have traceability in our entire Supply chain, Looking at the tight time lines Bartech worked very hard to finish the turnkey project in record time and meeting dead lines well in advance, I would like to thank each member of the team"

3) Leading Electronics and Consumer Goods Manufacturer :
" We were producing 300 units per month in 2013, we knew we had high production capacity, but could not increase the productivity as there were bottle necks in our Work in process area, These bottle necks were like no visibility of product movement, no real time data, no visibility no stock outs and clogging, We awarded the project to Bartech. The team rolled out the solution in record 45 days, our productivity went up immediately to 700 units, Today we are producing around 3000 units per day with the same system, and we are confident the same system with cope up for high production outputs, After one successful project we awarded them lot of many other projects there by integrating back ward and forward, now we have entire supply system integrated with our ERP right from Vendors, Depots and stores"

4) A Global Tractor Manufacturer :
"As we are in Automobile sector, our typical problem is locating our finished tractors which are stored in vast open areas spread in acres, We faced problems in not only locating but stock taking and repairs and call back etc.. A traditional barcode or rfid based solution approach was providing Wi-Fi based system , but the cost of implementation Wi-Fi and maintenance in this kind of big area was very costly. We worked with Bartech team where they have given us GPRS and GPS based solution, which is not only much better then tradition Wi-Fi based approach but there was a huge cost savings with this solution. Now our Drivers carry mobile hand held terminals, they execute all the activities of picking, putting,stock taking etc right from the Yard, this has saved is lot of time and helped us with prompt deliveries"