Bartech's Asset Tracking Solution is a precise combination of Mobile Terminals and Software Logic Centre, for keeping an accurate track of all types of assets, whether these may be Movable and/or Immovable + Office and/or Industrial assets.

Depending upon the nature of assets and requirement, Asset Tracking Solution tracks your assets using Barcodes or RFID or a combination of both technologies.

1) Asset Track : Detailed report as to new asset creation, old asset disposal, current quantity of active assets with ownership info, etc. enabling precise traceability.

2) Simple & User Friendly: Operating the solution is very simple and hence user friendly. This helps in making the users adapt to change quickly with precision.

3) Precise: Scope of Human Erros gets eliminated as all validations get configured as per requirement and hence, help in making the solution Foolproof. It means that even if any wrong scan or data is entered, solution itself alerts on same with error details. Only valid data gets recorded.

4) Authoritative: Only authorized personnel as per the set of permissions, can access the critical reports and data collected under this solution.

5) Accoutability: Asset Tracking Solution helps in enforcing a designated asset's responsibility and thereby its accountability onto the asset owner, with complete history of its status.

6) Asset Stock Take: Stock taking becomes quick and easy as all validations help the personnel keep away from any errors. Quick and accurate reports with variance details, help management plan preventive and corrective actions.

7) Maintenance & Depreciation: Asset Tracking Solution can be configured with Depreciation logic. This helps in knowing the exact asset value as on any date. Also Maintenance Schedule incorporation helps in making necessary arrangements prior to maintenance with detailed and timely alerts to concerned authorized personnel.

8) Reorder Point: Track the level of Asset Inventory which triggers an action to replenish on reaching the reorder point for any particular inventory stock. Calculated as the forecast usage during the replenishment lead time plus safety stock.